Our Story


Rising Monarchs officially opened on July 21, 2018 after months of trial and error & YEARS of dreaming of owning a business. 

My journey as a designer began in 2006 when I discovered MySpace, which gave me an outlet for my creativity. I spent countless hours designing new layouts and pictures for myself and my friends to show off on our pages. Not being able to afford proper software, I relied on Paint and free software online to make my creations. Once MySpace lost its relevancy, a piece of my soul was gone as well. 

All that changed in 2018, after graduating from Chico State and moving back to San Francisco. I took my tax return money and decided to make an investment in myself and put my designing skills to the test. With no professional designing experience or education, I relied on YouTube videos and online tutorials to learn how to bring my ideas to life. 


Where did the name Rising Monarchs come from?
I come from a family of small business owners. After seeing my older siblings starting their own small businesses, I was inspired to follow in our family's legacy of small business owners. The name Rising Monarchs was an ode to our journey to become the kings and queens in our own respective business endeavors.
My love for butterflies also inspired the name as monarch butterflies migrate yearly across North America. Being born in San Francisco and migrating to and from Mexico in my youth, I've always connected with monarch butterflies. No matter where I've moved to, be Mexico or Chico when I went to college, I always found my way back home to San Francisco with a new perspective and so much personal growth. Monarch butterflies rise into the sky and fly to their next destination, awaiting their next adventure.
Being a business owner has been the best adventure I've been on thus far & there's still so much more to come.